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    Welcome to Western Geothermal, where innovation based on decades of experience meets sustainability to better our future without reliance on sun, wind, fossil fuel, rare earth minerals or child labor.

    Our initial project is planned in the heart of Chaffee County, Colorado, where we  are excited to introduce our Icelandic-inspired geothermal site near the majestic Mt. Princeton. This ambitious project not only ensures energy security for the local communities, but also promises a future of dependable and sustainable energy at predictable pricing and a significant reduction in reliance on coal, gas, and oil-driven energy production. 

    We see a CLEAN, GREEN,NOW for Colorado and beyond instead of restrictive and painful gradual change for coming generations.

    Let's power change together!

Join us in Buena Vista on June 19th of the signing of Colorado's first International Geothermal Development Partnership between Western Geothermal and Reykjavik Geothermal

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HYDROTHERMAL ENERGY is Sustainable Energy without Compromise

Safe, economical and abundant energy can be harnessed from rifts where the earths crust is thinner than normal, like it is by Mt. Princeton in Colorado. Click below to learn about the benefits of Geothermal Energy for Chaffee County

G.B. Heidarsson - Western Geothermal

What's the downside?

Factual look at Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy can be anything from residential heat pump applications to massive Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS). Each application has it's unique properties and applications based on locations and needs. Our projects are hydrothermal in nature, the oldest and safest application of Geothermal energy for mass use. Our approach builds on the approach Iceland has used to all but eliminate need for carbon based energy for the nation. Learn about the ins and outs of our approach

G.B. Heidarsson - Western Geothermal

Get Real about Secure, Economical and Plentiful POWER!

Tax Equity Investments

Geothermal Projects can be optimal in terms of Tax Equity Investments, with a return horizons of 36-40 months. Contact us here to learn more

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You have questions? Want to discuss the facts? We are happy to listen and discuss any part of our projects. Click here to participate